November Pre-Game Announcements

Official Announcements about After the End.

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November Pre-Game Announcements

Post by staff » Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:01 pm

Hey guys! Here are your pre-game announcements, monster shift selection is linked at the end.

To start off, this game is gonna be a little weird, a little spoopy, and a little experimental. It's our first time at this site, and we're super excited to play with the gorgeous space in the middle of the fall colors.

Staff will be on site starting around 4. Check-in will start sometime around 8 and run til 10, when opening ceremonies will start. We're returning to our normal setup, so will be explore tags to find, as well as module boxes.

Game is 60, which includes food and bullets. Newbie and long-distance discounts are, as always, 15 off. Newbies, please PM us to receive a discount code. You can pay here: or on site.

If you have not told us whether your character is dead or not (if that was not established at the end of last game), please do so immediately. Newbies have the option of beginning game in either state, with no penalty. The Vale is weird, y'all.

If you have sensitivities to strobe lights or other light effects, please let us know.

For this game, there will be no visual distinction for echoes or other Lattice-bound entities instead of the normal glow necklaces.

This site has barracks with 4 rooms, each room has 10 people worth of bunk beds. They're all on the same hallway. Room number 4 will be set aside as a quiet room for those who have trouble sleeping in large groups. (So if you snore, sleep in 1-3.) Here's a sign up sheet: ... sp=sharing

We're moving back to 'pick your top 5 and we'll try to get everyone one of their top 3'. It's very scientific. Please indicate if you have a makeup requirement. Newbies are not required to monster. Sign up here, and a completed list will be posted tomorrow at noon. ... A/viewform

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