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Rules Feedback, Updates, and Edits!

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Hello loves!

Now that the almanac is out of the way, we're going to be prettifying the rules. There's a few minor tweaks we're testing, some inclusion of our new mechanics like hordes, and mostly editing. But as we wrote the thing, it makes more sense to us than it would to a player in a lot of cases, and we want to fix that. So!
If there are places you feel need work to make information flow better, where you've always been confused, where the wording is unclear, etc:
Please send us feedback about it! Note the rules in question, why they're unclear to you, and (preferably) page number. Example format (though by no means the only one you can use)
Doctorin': Field Care
Unclear if I can use multiple Grit for multiple activations at once or if it replaces my pool
Page X

If you want to be more hands-on in the editing process, please tell us that in the same feedback, but understand this doesn't mean you will be invited to edit.

Please do not leave your comments on the GDocs, because we get an email for each one and it will be impossible not to miss things. Similarly, feel free to talk about it with your fellow players on Discord, but still submit it in the feedback form so we have it all in one place.

Thanks so much!

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