April 2019 Pre-Game Announcements

Official Announcements about After the End.

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April 2019 Pre-Game Announcements

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April 2019 Harrison Bay Pre Game Announcements

Harrison Bay State Park
Harrison Bay Group Camp, 8411 Harrison Bay Rd
Harrison, TN 37341

As is traditional, the money hole is open here and will accept tribute until game: https://squareup.com/market/freestyle-science
Game is $60 for returning players, $15 for new players. (The payment link states $50 for returning players on Square. This is because food is $10 for the weekend. Do not panic.) If you are driving more than 300 miles to site, use code DISTANCE.
If you were a NEW player at our last game, and selected the food option upon checkout, you paid 40 instead of the 30 we had intended for new players to pay. So this game, please DO NOT select food for this game, and email us so we know everyone is on the same page. This is only applicable if last game was your first game and you paid for food.

If you are a new player and haven’t completed the food allergy form, please do so here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp ... hBwkf8mIBg
Food for the weekend is $10 for returning players (exceptions apply, see above section for details)
If you have special food storage needs, contact Merry, our Tavern Wizard Supreme, to discuss storage. All of her Tavern Decrees are upheld as law and can only be challenged in ritualistic combat.

Game On/Game Off
We are at a different site this time! As a result, times are different. Opening ceremonies will be roughly at 9.30 PM Friday night, with game on roughly at 10 PM. Game off will be at 11 AM on Sunday, and we need to be off-site by 1 PM.

When you arrive at site, feel free to drive to your cabin to unload. Once you have unloaded, please park your car on the straight road between the Saloon and the pavillion, making sure not to block the road for traffic. We ask that everyone park on one side.

The monster shift preference form will be posted Sunday, 3/31.
Please complete this form by Thursday 4/4 at midnight, monster shifts will be announced Friday morning.
New players DO NOT need to monster.

Nerf Guns/Ammo Policy
AtE allows non-modded, single-fire clip- or revolver-style NERF guns. If you have any questions about your gun’s legality, please contact us via email or the Discord. We encourage you to paint your guns but that should not be looked at as a barrier -- only guns with Qualities are required to be painted. If your gun has a Quality, it must be painted. Included in the price of your game is a small fee to cover darts, which are purchased and maintained by staff. We ask that players avoid bringing or purchasing their own personal darts for games (if you use custom ammo, we can order some for you, so please contact us) and instead avail themselves of a communal ammo bucket we will be supplying. There will be one in the Saloon and one in MT. If you have any questions regarding Ammo Bucket Logistics (TM) please email us. All ammo bucket ammo will be streamline, z strike, or accustrike darts.

New Players
If you are a new player and have not yet submitted a character, please do so soon here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1BE8-Gh ... h901dv0BDU
Backgrounds can be submitted here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/18EpYBC ... qoh5DcoPgM

We can help you build a character if you need assistance, so please don't hesitate to contact us! You do not need to sign up for a monster shift. Your newbie module will be occurring after opening ceremonies, though if you are arriving late we will have a separate module for you. We will be conducting a safety briefing and rules discussion in MT after opening ceremonies - around 10 PM. (Though time may vary based on traffic.)

Sleep and Business Setup
The Saloons and most cabins will be PC areas, so there’s plenty of beds to choose from. If you need a quiet area to sleep or other medical considerations, please contact us. If you are running a business at game, please contact us by Sunday, 3/31, at noon, for location selection. Cabin signup forms will be released for players Sunday evening. These cabins have 3 bunk beds each, electricity (through you may want to bring an extension cord, the outlets are high on the wall), and mattresses without covers.
Please note: Bedding is NOT provided at this site, and the cabins are not climate controlled.

Current rough estimates look like highs will be in the mid-70s, and lows in the mid-50s, though this will change throughout the week and we will update the weekend before game. Pack accordingly!

Drinking Policy
This is a state park and there is NO drinking at this location. No exceptions.

Discord Server
We have a Discord server! You can join it here: https://discord.gg/UDhK53v
There is an IP channel as well as places for OOP discussion/questions. We recommend you download the app before game if your phone is capable.
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